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Quantum LED Projectors

They’ve been among the best in the professional home theater industry for the better part of a decade, used in some of the most well-known venues in the world. Both the performance and the price make the Quantum Projector a premium product.

Hi-Def LCD Projector

An impressive step forward in picture quality and home theater elegence. In addition to being the world’s best LCD projector capable of 1080 P and 3D, we’ve raised the bar on what one should expect from 3D home cinema.

Kind Of Big Deal

Whether presenting videos, browsing the internet in the classroom or using presentation software, Quantum projectors are true multi-faceted with all the multimedia tools that should be expected. Featuring breakthrough innovations such as our new Daylight View Technology, our LCS and DLP models are an easy-to-use,  plug-and-play, audio/video solution that’s ready to go in either the classroom, conference area, or auditorium.

Advanced Quality

Advanced because of Quantum Projector’s excellent optical engineering accuracy and cooling efficiency. The projectors feature long lasting high-brightness levels and high picture quality.All of the projector models are equipped with Quantum’s proprietary Daylight View technology, where a built-in ambient light sensor matches the image quality according to the surrounding conditions.

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